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Dang, Girl, your participle is dangling…


Oct 10, 2016 In the Grammar Tree 0 Comments

I find it incredibly satisfying to correct a dangling participle because they are just so obvious.  Now remember a participle is an adjective born of a verb.  Usually they end in “ed” or “ing.” His goose is cooked.  Cooked is the past participle, a kind of adjective.  Someone “cooked” (verb) his goose.  So now the [...]

In that vein…


Oct 2, 2013 In the Grammar Tree 0 Comments

It’s quite ironic that I’m the one sitting in the grammar tree, because, truth be told, I can’t spell, and I have to look up grammar rules all the time.  Today, I had no idea which way to spell “vein” in the phrase, “in that vein.”  I was editing an essay, and I made an [...]

Close proximity….ARG!!!


Jul 23, 2013 In the Grammar Tree 0 Comments

If people keep using double redundancies, I’m going to be in close proximity to the limit of what I can bear—grammatically speaking of course. The word “proximity” means the quality or state of being near or close.  Do not use the adjective “close” to modify the noun “proximity”, for that would be redundant.  Also do [...]

The Grocer’s Apostrophe


Mar 1, 2013 In the Grammar Tree 3 Comments

The apostrophe should not be used to make nouns plural. It is instead intended to allow nouns to show possession.  We make singular nouns possessive by adding an “apostrophe s,” and we make plural nouns, that don’t end in an “s,” possessive also by adding an “apostrophe s”.  If a plural noun already ends in [...]

Subjective Pronouns


Feb 14, 2013 In the Grammar Tree 2 Comments

Sing the following to nice C major scale. “I, you, he, she, it, we, they—will NEVVV-VER be objects.”  Now repeat it. “I, you, he, she, it, we and they” are subjective pronouns, and they will NEVVV-VER be objects. When they appear in sentences, they are the subjects, the doers, the instigators.  Their counterparts, “me, you, [...]

In the Grammar Tree


Feb 13, 2013 In the Grammar Tree 0 Comments

I grew up in Chattanooga, Tennessee at the Girls’ Preparatory School, where we NEVER split infinitives, and if we did, we heard about it.  Of course, if we dared to end a sentence with a preposition, we were immediately corrected.  “Where’s it at, Mrs. Good?”  “It’s in the grammar tree,” would be the deadpanned response. [...]

The Gerund


Feb 5, 2013 In the Grammar Tree 0 Comments

The possessive modifies a gerund.  A gerund is a verb that has been turned into a noun by the suffix “ing.” Visiting a college can be awesome.  “Visiting” is a gerund—a former verb wearing the costume of a noun.  Like any self-respecting noun, it must be modified by a possessive pronoun.  You wouldn’t say, “Me [...]