senior doubt: Aug 2016


Apr 22, 2018 Bully Pulpit 0 Comments

Crazy Making….My senior son looked at me with a little doubt and hesitation last night as he told me how his friend helped install a water pump at a fire station in Madagascar this past summer. He and his friend also have very similar college lists. The questioning look on his face said it all. Here’s my advice to him and all high school students. If you do the activities that feel worth your time and that you authentically love, you will never have to wonder if your summers were well-spent or good enough for anyone else. If you’ve done what you’ve loved and you’ve made your best choices each day, then you can look back and know your Activities List reflects YOU. You also will have the brimming satisfaction that you’ve gotten the most out of high school and have grown as a young person. This time of year, seniors and their parents can’t help but notice what everyone else has accomplished. I try to instill in my son that it’s good to have brilliant friends because he’s going to need help saving the world. I love how I see him and his friends supporting each other and rooting for each other instead of falling into bitter competition. Bravo to them! May we parents follow suit.

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