Finding a Financial Fit


Feb 12, 2013 Tuition Intuition 0 Comments

Too often when students go through the process of finding their “best fit” college, they focus almost entirely on finding the right academic, social, or intellectual fit.   As a result, many college lists are crafted without regard to whether or not the student’s college will, in the end, be an affordable option for their family.  At Admission Intuition, we believe that evaluating the “financial fit” of a college is a critical component of the college search and admissions process for many families.   Our goal is to provide students and their families with a deep understanding about the scope of their potential college costs by providing them with the tools to grasp the ins and outs of the financial aid process and tuition discounting.  On a school-by-school basis, we evaluate merit aid possibilities, how financial need is determined, a college’s affordability, and much more.  On the Tuition Intuition Blog, we hope to provide valuable information about a range of topics that will be of use as students seek to find colleges that are a good  “financial fit”.

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