Trusting your heart


Apr 22, 2018 Bully Pulpit 0 Comments

People on Facebook are going nuts over this. I think it’s a little mean and mis-guided. I know…. I know…. kids need to learn responsibility. But I think parents need to be careful of a one-size fits all rule. Sometimes a little unexpected support from a parent can be just what the doctor ordered.

Here’s the deal, growing up and learning responsibility starts on day 1. There are subtle and nuanced ways parents can grow up their babies to own their own learning, to own their mistakes and their successes. I’m all about that. However, a parent who’s on the ball and one step ahead knows when it’s time to step in and bring the damn forgotten lunch. School and life can get very stressful and very competitive for kids these days. There have been times when my kids seem to be just barely hanging on from all the demands– and doing very well I might add. On those days, if one of them has forgotten his lunch, I jump for joy that I am able to surprise him with it. On those days I show up with a bag of Wendy’s, and when I hear the inevitable gratitude and see the relief, I just say, ” Are you kidding??? I LOVE being your Mama, and thank God I can do this for you.” I know what I’m doing.

It seems like these days often times kids aren’t TAUGHT to respect school or homework or lessons or true intellectual pursuit. Then parents and teachers overreact in rash statements like the one on the sign to compensate and force the lesson– because deep down they know they didn’t teach it the right way in the first place. This is the culture that LOVES to label all parents who support their kids as “helicopter” parents. I know there are a lot of parents who are inappropriately hovering. BUT if you are one who has done a great job with your kids, and you know it’s a day when you need to step in, be brave and do what your heart knows it should.

I wouldn’t send my kids to a school that posted this sign. It would make me feel homesick.

And anyone who doubts what I’m saying, take a look at my kids. I’m sorry to brag, but I can’t imagine three young men who take more ownership of their lives, who now rarely forget their lunches, and who will one day (they better) sneak Wendy’s and text pics of forgotten math homework to my future grand babies.

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