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The error of my ways


Apr 19, 2018 Student Stories 0 Comments

There is a specific cacophony that accompanies a room of musicians, a discordant mix of scales and warm-ups, with boisterous showoffs playing dramatic solos from the margins. For most, an experience in the backstage holding pen is jarring, but for me, it represents my career as an orchestral musician. The bizarrely alienating combination of shrill [...]

Essays from the Heart


Jul 4, 2013 Student Stories 0 Comments

You can find essay advice all over the internet and in book stores.  There’s a whole slew of topics about which NOT to write.  I say: ignore most of the advice you get, and lead from your heart.  Colleges want authentic kids, so write about your authentic self.  It doesn’t  matter so much WHAT your topic [...]