Student Stories

Every student has a unique story to tell.  Read some of my favorite student essays here.

The Bully Pulpit

Here’s where I can rant and rave and ponder the trends in higher education.

The World of Colleges

It’s a big world out there. Review the colleges I’ve visited and the schools to which my students have worked hard to be accepted. You might learn a thing or two about colleges here as well.

In the Grammar Tree

You will never split an infinitive on my watch!



My Approach

As an independent college counselor and educational consultant, I specialize in the college admissions process. I approach students with respect and optimism. I am often humbled by the trust my students place in me. I empower students to recognize themselves, to value their instincts, and to gain confidence in their own voice—knowing that their own voice is the best voice. Excellent colleges and universities seek authentic students, so it is very important for students to challenge themselves in disciplines that they love and immerse themselves in activities that they believe worthy of their time. My students and I, together, craft a college list with complexity that is comprised of colleges that are good academic, social, and financial fits. My students present their best selves to admissions offices with compelling applications that ring with authenticity and promise.