Lafayette College

Lafayette College

Easton, Pennsylvania

2550 UG

$832,000,000 endowment


Lafayette College is a liberal arts college with about 2500 undergraduate students.  It has a lovely campus that feels substantial and traditional. Lafayette is one of my favorites for several reasons. The academics are great. The college offers 4 majors in engineering, which is also unusual for a liberal arts college. Few LACs even have engineering, and when they do, it’s usually just one general engineering major. Lafayette is strong in all the sciences. There is a healthy spirit regarding Varsity sports on campus and a thriving social scene. Students are serious about their academics but also very community oriented. About a third of students are involved in Greek life. Greek life is said to be laid back. Also there is an even gender balance, which is unusual for lots of colleges. Lafayette is also a rare bird in that it meets the full demonstrated need of students while also offering merit aid. The college overlooks the Delaware River in Easton, Pennsylvania, population 30,000. Easton is located in the Lehigh Valley, population 800,000. It is about 70 miles west of New York City and 60 miles north of Philadelphia. The scenic Pocono Mountains are about 35 miles north. Easton is a really cute historic town that is pleasing and quaint. Lafayette has a bit of a traditional college feel.




Lehigh participates in the National Survey of Student Engagement.  Here are their results:





37 BA degrees; 14 BS degrees; 4 engineering degrees

4 academic divisions:


Social sciences

Natural sciences

Engineering: chemical, civil, electrical and computer, mechanical,



4-year grad rate:         88.3%

5-year grad rate:         90.0%

6-year grad rate:         90.3%


Freshman retention    91%rate:


61% of classes have < 20 students

38% have 20-50

1% have over 50


Student Life




28% overall admit rate

32.4% for girls/24% boys


49% ED admit rate


Mid-range scores:


GPA: 3.4-3.84  unweighted


SAT erw:          650-720  (admitted)               620-700 (enrolled)

SATm:             660-750 (admitted)                620-720 (enrolled)


ACT:                 30-33  (admitted)                  28-32 (enrolled)

ACT ED 27-31


Admission Stats

27% of males and 34% of females were admitted to class of 2021. 30 % admit rate in total

46% ED

51% in top 10% of hs class



Cost-of-attendance: $66,890 (2017-2018)

Lafayette has good financial aid.  It looks like last year they met the full need of all students. However, they are need aware in admissions.  It’s very hard to get awarded full aid there.


6.5% of students get an average of $27,000 in merit award. The Marquis Fellowship is for $42,000/year.  The Marquis Scholarship is for $24,000/year.


There are full and half ride merit scholarships.