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Aug 16, 2014 Bully Pulpit 3 Comments

“Well, I went to a small college called Middlebury—do you know it?” The youngish man in the middle row of the shuttle van was engaging the whole group of 10 weary runners. Among them sat Rich- flanked by Will and me. We were descending Pikes Peak Pass.  His laugh was exactly like that of Nick [...]

In that vein…


Oct 2, 2013 In the Grammar Tree 0 Comments

It’s quite ironic that I’m the one sitting in the grammar tree, because, truth be told, I can’t spell, and I have to look up grammar rules all the time.  Today, I had no idea which way to spell “vein” in the phrase, “in that vein.”  I was editing an essay, and I made an [...]

Close proximity….ARG!!!


Jul 23, 2013 In the Grammar Tree 0 Comments

If people keep using double redundancies, I’m going to be in close proximity to the limit of what I can bear—grammatically speaking of course. The word “proximity” means the quality or state of being near or close.  Do not use the adjective “close” to modify the noun “proximity”, for that would be redundant.  Also do [...]

Essays from the Heart


Jul 4, 2013 Student Stories 0 Comments

You can find essay advice all over the internet and in book stores.  There’s a whole slew of topics about which NOT to write.  I say: ignore most of the advice you get, and lead from your heart.  Colleges want authentic kids, so write about your authentic self.  It doesn’t  matter so much WHAT your topic [...]

Demonstrated Interest- a Two-Way Street


Apr 28, 2013 Bully Pulpit 2 Comments

  Applying to colleges is more of a 2-way street than you think. While it’s easy to get hung up on whether or not you’ll get accepted, it’s even easier to overlook the fact that colleges can be just as insecure as an applicant might be.  Colleges are hypersensitive to what they refer to as [...]

Need-Blind and Meets-Full-Need Policies Under Strain


Mar 31, 2013 Bully Pulpit 0 Comments

The number of colleges and universities that maintain need-blind admissions policies, while at the same time claiming to meet the full financial need of all admitted students, is continuing to shrink.  According to US News, there are currently about 64 institutions that offer to meet the full financial need of admitted students. However, fewer than [...]

Karen’s Sweet 16 Bracket


Mar 25, 2013 Bully Pulpit 0 Comments

I’ve watched exactly 28 years of March Madness tournaments.  I try to be a good fan.  I get excited when the Blue Devils come close. I jump up and down when they win. I make lots of chili and avocado dip to keep the family room inviting.  I admire the uniforms and wonder about who [...]

Urban Myths of College Admissions


Mar 7, 2013 Bully Pulpit 1 Comment

I read The College Lady’s admission blog listing common myths in college admissions, and I felt compelled to share an adapted version of her list. Some of the myths, noted by *, are taken directly from her site—they were just too good to tweak. (Her whole site is very well done and worth bookmarking.) The world [...]

The Grocer’s Apostrophe


Mar 1, 2013 In the Grammar Tree 3 Comments

The apostrophe should not be used to make nouns plural. It is instead intended to allow nouns to show possession.  We make singular nouns possessive by adding an “apostrophe s,” and we make plural nouns, that don’t end in an “s,” possessive also by adding an “apostrophe s”.  If a plural noun already ends in [...]